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9 Creative Paint Projects to Spice Up Any Space

9 Creative Paint Projects to Spice Up Any Space

Are you looking to brighten up your space with color? Paint can be used on more than just the walls. Simply choose your shade and let the fun start.

The Legs of a Table

If your dining space needs a pop of color, consider painting just the legs of your table to match the rug your dining set rests on. While you could paint the entire table, that often proves to be too overwhelming, so painting just the legs makes a good compromise.

An Old Filing Cabinet

Simply giving an old filing cabinet a fresh coat of paint will bring it new life and brighten a room. But if you want to get really creative, consider choosing a couple variants of the same color, like two lavenders, and mixing them with white in cups until you have several distinct shades (exactly how many you need depends on the amount of drawers in your cabinet). Next, paint the drawers a different shade in descending order from light to dark, or vice versa, to create a gradient effect. This works with any color. Use a paint deck if you need inspiration. Tip: Use chalky paint so you don’t have to prime first.

A Doorway

Modernize an open arched doorway in your home by accenting it with color. Simply choose a hue that enhances the room and paint a border around the doorway. You can choose to paint a thinner border or wider one, based on ceiling height and your intended effect. The wider the border, the more drama you add.

An Old Dresser

A fun way to use up any leftover paint is to plan a design and paint up an old dresser. Tape off sections, whether stripes or a more intricate geometric design, and paint a section at a time with two coats of paint. Pull up the tape while the paint is still wet for clean edges, and wait until each section is completely dry before taping off the next one. For an interesting peekaboo effect, consider leaving part of the dresser untouched.

The Kitchen Cabinets

Instead of investing a ton of money on new cabinets, try adding some sunshine with paint. But remember, when you redo stained cabinets, preparation is key. If you don’t sand them until they are ultra smooth and then use a primer, the paint could chip off. Consider using a satin finish rather than glossy since it hides imperfections and is easy to wipe down.

The Wall Behind Your Bed

Affordable and downright cool, painting a faux headboard on the wall behind your bed is a simple way to inject color in the bedroom. All you need is tape, a quart of paint and a roller. For professional-looking, super-crisp lines, pull off the tape at a 45-degree angle.

A Dingy Fireplace

For an instant payoff, give your dingy brick fireplace a boost by painting it a perky shade. To begin, clean the brick with a damp cloth. Next, apply two coats of satin-finish paint in a dabbing motion (so you cover all the nooks and crannies). Use a 2-inch nylon brush, and wait about 15 minutes between coats. Last, apply a third coat of paint, just brushing it on normally, for a smooth, professional finish.

A Boring Bedroom Wall

If you love geometric wallpaper but don’t want to deal with the hassle of installing it, consider using paint and a stencil instead. A wide variety of easy-to-use stencil options are available online. Once you choose the right one, be sure to measure the wall and plan it out so that the pattern is even. Secure the stencil with painter’s tape and keep only light pressure on your roller or paintbrush so that paint doesn’t seep under the stencil’s edges.

An Outdoor Table and Chairs

A fresh coat of paint is especially effective on an older, dated dining set or one that is starting to look shabby and drab. Choose a vibrant color and update your table and chairs with a modern, glossy sheen. A paint sprayer will give the best results since it ensures the color covers all the intricate designs, and provides a smooth and even finish.

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